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Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 2 days ago

I just wanted to let you know that I very rarely use metaphors in my content, so please interpret it as is; as written; as a storyline.

I felt I need to post this for some reason... I'm not sure why, it's just my instinct.


Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 4 days ago

I can't hear people speak, and have been unable to have a normal conversation for decades.

There is a fire here.

Unfortunately because the nerve is damaged, or affected, compromised, I don't know the exact word... I doubt those hearing implants will help.

Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 5 days ago

I wanted to share two memories of things I've pondered.

The first is simple. When me and my father cooked a thin steak on a rock in Bulgaria in summer I asked him something, because he said it tasted salty.

We put water on a rock, that we used in front of our building, and then tried the same thing a year later.

The steak tasted salty.

There's salt in air. I can't put my finger on what it is, but I think sometimes summer gets so hot than when water condenses, some of the salt turns into a harmless gas and mixes with air. I don't know how physics can explain this, because rocks collect salt from somewhere, it can't be from rain, and the only other thing it could be from is air.


I once told a colleague of mine in high school "what if we could raise chicks with incubators, to feed people. It won't make more food, but protein from meat fills you more than from eggs."

I only have this to say to you...

I don't know if it's actually been observed, but what if when a chicken lays an egg, it's always planning to incubate it.

The thing is that maybe chickens want to incubate 12 eggs, or even more, at one time. They are planning all planning to make chicks, unless they aren't physically able to lay an egg. They're just wating for the right time.

An incubator uses electricity, a chicken naturally incubates eggs.

I don't know how much this could help world hunger, maybe not whatsoever, but I had to share it.

I only have one request tied to this post.

Do a simple experiment with a chicken...

Have it lay eggs without collecting them, to see what it does when its nest is full.

I don't think a mother would lay an egg and abandon her baby by not giving birth to it.


Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 8 days ago

Although I have not written this and kept it myself for the past couple of decades I feel I need to write it.

When I was in public school a bully pinned me to the floor and made me deaf.

A few years later, in my opinion one of the greatest Presidents the US has had made the "No child left behind Act."

I've always thought that this act is great, because, even though it's not its original purpose -It prevents bullying.

You can't expect a child to be able to defend themselves from someone who's in the middle of having their growth spurt, so the Act stops bullying in schools.

This is the one reason why I think he was a great President.

I'm not a Politician, nor do I plan on becoming one. Politics is not my place and I think we should all be grouped with people who are similar to us in intellect and nature, and especially age.

I just felt that I have to write this.

Election times coming. When something is newer people don't know how to think because they aren't used to it. When someone has experience in a profession, by being in a similar role to it -I feel they have more experience, so I know who I'm going to vote for.


Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 9 days ago

and asked if he thinks that all men are like brothers.

In all fairness I've been discussing memories with friends and people I know.

This is because I have pain in my genitals from injury and I need healing medications. I also can't have sex and have difficulty touching,

My pain is real and I need opiates.

Maslov's hierarchy said that we need absence of pain and sex for our survival. If we can't have that there have to be substitutes.

It is my ACT teams responsibility to prescribe opiates.

I don't feel I've said anything wrong or bad, as my memories are mostly good. I only talk about socially acceptable ones. It's a matter of perspective.

I've been battered multiple times during my life and I need opiates. I also think that Elmhurst hospital staff should be charged for what happened.

I want to see a Judge. Although I have hearing loss and eyesight problems from being punched in the eye, so I don't know how I would explain my views to the Judge.

It's your responsibility to prescribe opiates. I tried ibuprofen and acetaminophen from a pharmacy, they did nothing, so I would imagine they're selling fakes.

Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 10 days ago

I sent her my book.

I would just like to remind everyone that keeping someone in a loop by isolating them is against human rights.

Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 10 days ago

When I was young I spoke with my father. I said "Mislish li che vsichki mazhe na zemyata sa kato bratya?"

[Do you think that all men on earth are brothers?]

He told me that "Tova mozhe da spre voyne." [This could stop wars.]

So I would like to plead with all the men on earth...

That I need Kiana.

Who would you go for? Someone who ignored you during your whole life or someone who treated you like a person when you met her during your youth?

I kissed her foot.


Aside from that I think that it's time we have a men's club on earth and a club for women [Sisters.]

I want to speak to her on camera. I've been smoking, not very often, but hopefully she can hear my voice, to remind her of the memory.

As I mentioned she even wrote a song "Celebrating my life to be living here." Reborn is the name of the song. That she's happy to be in the US and each day is like a holiday for her.


This reminds me of Bulgarian churches, for some reason. In Bulgaria we have some churches which are exclusively for women and some which are exclusively for men. It's strange, some countries have that.

Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 11 days ago

Called the nature conservancy.

It's actually surprising to me, because when I was in High School the same people spoke with me asking for donations. Obviously I never donated because I'm a teenager, and surprisingly years later after everyone forgot, they're back up and running.

I would just like to remind people in power that keeping someone in a loop is against human rights.

Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 2 weeks ago

When I was young, before I and my family arrived in the US, my mother had bought carrots home from a grocery store. She was going to cook but I said "chakai" which means wait in Bulgarian.

I wanted to try one of the carrots, though I still had baby teeth, and asked her if there's a way to make this into something you put on a sandwich.

We talked for a while and then eventually as a team, under her supervision I use a grate and a bowl. Then she took a piece of bread and used the grated carrot glop to make a spread for the sandwich. I thought for a bit, since it's just vegetable and bread, that she wouldn't like the taste, so I added "probvai cirene vurho tova" try a slice of cheese on top of this.

The last part was when she cut the sandwich in half, and we both ate the halves of it.

So you see, many vegetables can be made into a spread. One of the most overlooked things is a grate...

From grated carrots all the way to grated pineapple.

It's good for sandwiches.

I don't believe absolutely anyone has discussed this before. And I've never seen, throughout all the countries I've been in, a sandwich with a grated vegetable or fruit as a spread, so I thought I would share this here.

It's just that when a young person eats, they mostly eat soft things, but when grating a carrot this way... makes it soft; more nutrition.


Posted by Dormantaccount4 - 2 weeks ago

That isn't to say that eggs are harmful. I have to put a disclaimer. When eggs are cooked in a recipe they stop being harmful... Such as bread.

It's the same with milk. Too much calcium from pure milk is negative but you can relax with yogurt or cheese. There's never too much calcium in them.